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Ventilators are classified according to the type of use or a

(1) controlled mechanical ventilation ((CMV)). 
1. Definition: when the patient's spontaneous breathing weakens or disappears, the patient's breathing is completely generated, controlled and regulated by a mechanical ventilator. 
2. Apply to: the spontaneous breathing caused by disease disappears or weakens; when the spontaneous breathing is irregular or the frequency is too fast, mechanical ventilation can not coordinate with the patient, the spontaneous respiration is suppressed or weakened by artificial methods. 
(2). Auxiliary mechanical ventilation (AMV). 
1. Definition: in the case of the patient's breathing, the ventilator assists or enhances the patient's autonomous breathing. 
All kinds of mechanical ventilation are mainly triggered by the patient's inspiratory negative pressure or inspiratory airflow. 
2. Applied to: although spontaneous breathing exists and is regular, it is not suitable for patients with decreased spontaneous respiration and insufficient ventilation.

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