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ZXH-550 (invasive) ventilator

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The ventilator is aerodynamic, electronic-controlled ventilator, it has several respiratory modes, functions can be set through the respiratory rate, inspiratory time, tidal volume parameter to achieve management of the patient breathe, There are Japanese Sharp large screen true color LCD to show waveform and parameters, American Honeywell precision pressure sensors and flow sensors, American ATMEL microprocessor, Germanic Baode proportion electromagnetism valve is suction control valve, Japanese SMC electronic air and oxygen mixer and etc. These high quality imported parts bring out the machine is more accurate, more reliable and more stable.
Main technical parameters and performance
〇 Respiratory Mode:
o Alarm Performances:
〇 Parameter setting up:
1、Tidal volume (Vt): 0 - 2000ml
2、Breathing frequency (f): 4 ~ 99 times / minute
3、SIMV Frequency: 6-60 times / minute
4、Inspiratory time (Ti): 0.2 - 6 s
5、Breath-hold time (Tp): 0 to 2 s
6、Trigger pressure (Pt): -2kPa - 2kPa,
7、PEEP pressure: 0.1 - 2kPa,
8、PSV pressure: 0 ~ 5 kPa
9、Safety largest gas pressure: <6 kPa
10、Breathing oxygen concentration: 40 - 100%, consecutive adjustable
11、Pressure upper limit (Ph) alarm: 2 ~ 6kPa, sound and light alarm.
12、Pressure lower limit (PI) alarm: 0 - 2kPa( sound and light alarm
13、Ventilation volume upper limit (MVh) alarm: more than settings, sound and light alarm.
14、Ventilation volume lower limit (MVI) alarm: less than setting, sound and light afarm.
15、Power disconnection warning: immediate alarm if power disconnection, warning time> 120s.
16、Quiet sound alarm: <2min
〇 Overall performance:
1、Drive mode: aerodynamic, electronic-controlled
2、10.41 inch colorful TFT screen
3、Power supply: AC 100—240 V.SOHz ± 1 Hz.
4、Aerodynamic source pressure: 0.28-0.6MPa
5、Mainframe input power: 65VA.
6、Complete machine noise: <65 dB (A).
7、Compliance system: <4 ml/IOOPa

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