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Parameters of HVJ-880C+ ventilator. 
(1) basic requirements; 
1.1 the whole has passed the EU CE certification and the national CMD certification. 
1.2 working mode: pneumatic electric control. 
1.3 ventilation: invasive, non-invasive, manual. 
1.4 the scope of application of the equipment: adults and children. 
1.5 years on, you can choose adult and child ventilation mode. 
(2) main functional requirements; 
2.110.1 inch color LCD screen, Chinese operation interface, can display velocity-time waveform display, pressure-time waveform display, volume-time waveform display on the same screen. 
With waveform one-click freezing function. 
2.2 "the main parameter settings are displayed separately from the LCD screen, but can be displayed on the LCD screen at the same time, press the key to cooperate with the knob operation. 
2.3.The input gas source pressure is 0.4mpa, and the range is 0.28mpa-0.60MPa. 
2.4 the oxygen concentration range is 21% 100%, continuously adjustable. 
When the air is missing, the oxygen concentration of the pure oxygen supply is still adjustable (range 45% to 100%). 
2.5 single gas source missing alarm, and switch to another gas source to work, does not affect the output tidal volume. 
2.6 ℃ inhalation gas temperature monitoring 18 ℃ ~ 51 ℃, temperature sensor detection mode. 
2.7 there are at least two kinds of pulmonary function rings: pressure-volume and flow-volume. 
2.8 "has the function of 24-hour data storage of pressure, flow rate and volume, and can generate a 24-hour trend chart on the equipment. 
2.9 sigh ventilation function is adjustable, twice every 3 minutes. 
Pressure type sigh amplitude PEEP+ (0,25) hPa. 
2.10 it has the functions of one-button manual inhalation, exhalation, synchronous atomization and pure oxygen ventilation. 
2.11 has the functions of flow-triggered and pressure-triggered ventilation, asphyxia backup ventilation and air leakage compensation. 
2.12 "ventilation mode has IPPV, A _ (A) C, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC, PSV, PEEP/CPAP, Sigh, MANU. 
2.13 multiple user interface languages can be selected at any time. 
2.14 level 10 alarm volume and display brightness adjustable by software. 
(3) requirements of control parameters; 
3.1Tidal volume 30~1500mL. 
3.2 oxygen concentration of inhaled gas: 21% 100% (at least 45% 100% for one-way oxygen). 
3.3 inspiratory flow rate 6mm 120L stroke min, continuously adjustable. 
3.4Respiratory rate is 0.500beats / min. 
3.5 respiration is better than 3, 1, 1, 9. 
3.6 inspiratory time 0.2s to 10s. 
3.7 flow rate triggers 0.3 minutes 20L and minpene 0.1L step. 
3.8Inhale trigger pressure-20~0hPa (based on PEEP). 
3.9 inhalation pressure 5~40hPa. 
3.10 5~40hPa is supported by pressure. 
3.11 the rising time of pressure is 0.2 / 2s, which can be adjusted continuously. 
3.12Expiratory pressure was not positive (0~25hPa). 
4 parameters monitoring requirements. 
4.1 inhalation, expiratory tidal volume, inspiratory temperature, oxygen concentration and minute ventilation include autonomy, leakage, frequency, total frequency, inspiratory time, plateau time, inspiratory / expiratory ratio, plateau pressure, peak pressure, mean pressure, inspiratory resistance R, compliance C, etc. 
5 alarm function requirements. 
5.1 Intelligent alarm system, which is divided into high, medium and low alarm levels, can be clearly distinguished in sound and display, and detailed information is displayed on the screen. 
Alarm of upper and lower limit of airway pressure. 
When the airway pressure reaches the upper limit, the inspiratory pressure can be stopped immediately and converted to expiratory state. When the airway pressure is below the set lower limit and lasts for (415) s, an alarm will be issued. 
Upper and lower limit of airway pressure, ventilation volume, high and low oxygen concentration, excessive continuous pressure, asphyxia, ventilation system integrity, power interruption, air source interruption, upper and lower limit of ventilation alarm, upper limit of oxygen concentration alarm, continuous positive pressure alarm, asphyxiation alarm, power interruption alarm, air source interruption alarm, 120s alarm mute, machine automatically records historical alarm. 
5.2 when the temperature of the inhaled gas exceeds 40 ℃, the ventilator should issue an alarm.

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