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ACM812A Ventilator

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It has 350. after placing the order, 1/8 of each batch will be supplied until the full delivery is completed on August 10th, directly connecting with the manufacturer.

u Suitable for adult and child
u For various treatment environments such as emergency room, operating theater, ambulance, patient transfer and first-aid
u Unique invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes to meet the different patients’ needs
u Inspiration halt, convenient for sucking phlegm
u Oxygen mixing technique to adjust oxygen concentration and meet the oxygen therapy need
u Alarm and monitoring system which meet the international safety standard
u TFT screen, displaying various respiration parameters and waveforms
u With built-in battery and on-vehicle power connector for A/C and D/C power supply
u PEEP valve, humidifier, trolley, supporting arm and other accessories as optional

Applications Adult, child
Control mode Pneumatic driven and electric controlled, time switch, pressure limit, volume control, apnea ventilation
Ventilation modes A/C, SIMV, SPONT, SIGH, NIPPV, manual
Respiratory rate 4bpm~80bpm
Tidal volume 0,50ml~1500ml
I:E ratio 1: 0.3, 1: 0.5, 1: 0.7, 1: 1, 1: 1.5, 1: 2, 1: 2.5, 1: 3,
1: 3.5, 1: 4
Trigger sensitivity -2kPa~2kPa,continuously adjustable
Oxygen concentration 48-100%
Display mode LCD screen display
Waveform Airway pressure waveform display

Monitoring parameters

Tidal volume, Minute volume, Respiratory rate, Peak airway pressure

Alarm parameters

Upper airway pressure limit Lower airway pressure limit Low battery alarm
Power supply failure Silence for alarm

Note: This machine can be a portable one with oxygen cylinder.

u Aerospace quality, professional technology, popular model
u Easy to take, dampproof, quakeproof and salt fog resistance
u Invasive, non‐invasive and manual ventilation in one machine
u Volume regulation, pressure limit, time switch, demonstrating the strategy of lung protection
u Inspiration halt, convenient for sucking phlegm and avoiding cross infection
u Driven mode: pneumatically driven and electrically controlled
u Three kinds of power supply: A/C, D/C and on‐vehicle power supply
u Application: adult & child

Ventilation modes

Volume control: A/C
Manual Ventilation SPONT

Controlling part

Tidal volume (VT): 50ml~1500ml Minute Volume: 0~20L/min
I/E Ratio: 1:0.3, 1:0.5, 1:0.7, 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:2.5, 1:3, 1:3.5, 1:4
Respiratory rate (f): 4~80bpm Limited pressure: 1kPa ~ 5kPa Trigger sensitivity: ‐2kPa ~ 2kPa Continuous current: 3 ~ 5LPM Manual inspiration halt: 20s
Inhaled oxygen concentration: 48% ~ 100% consecutive adjustment Safety valve pressure limit: 5.1kPa ~ 6kPa

Monitoring part

LCD display
Airway pressure waveform Inhaled tidal volume Minute Volume
Total respiratory rate Peak airway pressure Trigger pressure AC/DC indication
Could monitor all parameters and waveforms in manual mode

Audible and visual alarm part

Upper and lower airway pressure limit Power supply failure
Low charge of battery


Power supply: AC220V± 10%, 50Hz± 1Hz
12V on‐vehicle power supply
Built‐in battery: provide a more than 2‐hour power supply when power off
Gas pressure: 0.25~0.6Mpa. Cylinder gas supply can work continuously for ≥30min. Ventilator compliance: ≤40 x 10 ‐2ml/Pa


Standard configuration:

Multi‐functional main machine frame 1 set Cylinder 1 unit
Oxygen bridge 1 unit
Spanner 1 unit
Accessories and accessories’ bag 1 unit
Dustproof bag 1 unit


PEEP (0~1kPa) 1 unit
Plug‐in module 1 unit

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