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Ozone Air Purifier USB Rechargeable COVID-19 killer

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【Product Principle】Powered by built-in battery, and exhausted by a fan, this device takes care of the entire sterilization space. There's no dead ends, and will quickly decompose into oxygen by itself.

【High Efficiency】Ozone release can inhibit ripening agent growth and prolong food freshness time. It ensures 360 ° all-round deodorization.

【Upgraded Convenience】USB rechargeable ozone air purifier in mini size, it makes wide compatibility throughout the world. Use it anywhere and anytime for a cleaner and safer environment.

【Strong Functions】Remove pesky kitchen odors; Eliminate the smell of smoke; Keep the air fresher. It makes a perfect gift for working, sleeping, studying and other personal use.

【Users Friendly Design】Low consumption, easy deodorization, quiet operation, exquisite and compact, one-button operation, this ecological and environmental device makes life more enjoyable from every breath you take.



- Cycle deodorization mode: Press and hold the power button to enter the cycle mode (the indicator light is breathing and blinking), and stop for 8 hours after working for 10 minutes, and then stop for 8 hours after working for 10 minutes.

Shut down.

- Single deodorization mode: Press the power button again in the cycle deodorization mode to switch to the single mode (constant light), and it will automatically shut down after 20 minutes of operation.

- Battery reminder: When the battery power is too low, the indicator flashes quickly (prompt for charging). The indicator light flashes slowly while charging, and goes off when fully charged.



1) To prevent serious physical harm, no people or animals are permitted to stay around the device, while it is working or 30 minutes after its working.

2) Users must seriously follow the first note. Otherwise, our company do not bare any responsibilities of the possible harm.

3) Ozone can be automatically resolved to oxygen after the removal of formaldehyde.

4) Please keep your hands dry when pull or insert the plug to prevent possible danger.

5) Do not wet the device when using in humid environment.

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