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2 In 1 Portable Mobile Phone Wireless Charger UV Sterilizer

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1.Support for QI wireless charging protocol, the phone can be charged when putting it on the charger.
2.The large coil is charged faster, the conversion rate is as high as 80% and the charging can be faster.
3.It will automatically power off after being completed charged, the whole process is in low temperature.
4.When the mobile phone is nearly charged or completed charged, it will automatically switch to the trickle charging mode.
5.The standby power consumption will be automatically replenished without worrying about damaging the phone after all night charging.
6.6mm charging sensing distance, the induction is equally sensitive with shell charging, wearing the phone case can also be charged without affecting the charging speed.
7.Built-in magnetic separator, the wireless charging signal is more concentrated to the mobile phone and the charging efficiency is stabilized.
8.Only recognize the mobile phone with wireless charging function, whether it is metal foreign object or other foreign objects, wireless charging is no induction, avoiding power consuming.
9.There three levels of sterilization light can be adjusted, easy to change and control, more convenient to use.




Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: PC + ABS

Charging Sensing Distance: 6mm

Protection: overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit protection

Input: DC5V/2A

Input Interface: Micro USB2.0

Wireless Charging Output Power: 5W, 10W

Color: Black, White (optional)

Product Size: Approx. 11*11*2 cm / 4.3*4.3*0.8 in

Package Included:

1 * Phone Sterilizer

1 * Charging Cable

1 * User Manual

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